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Dogs Without Collars
A triumph of delusion over reality
As not seen on Richard and Judy and not heard on Radio 2, but featured on Radio Solent

Gigs booked in 2018
Date Venue Details
11th May 2018 The Landmark Pavilion, Ilfracombe 7.30-10.30pm
19th October 2018 Dawley Town Hall, Telford www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/dogs-without-collars-in-dawley-tickets-46232473573

Gigs booked in 2017
Date Venue Details
17th February 2017 Main Hall, King's Church, Raans Road, Amersham Rock the Kibera (For the last time, honestly!)Tickets Free. Basic Bar available. Bring your own Refreshments. Dancing compulsory!
22nd September 2017 Bourton Village Hall Barking Back In Darset

Gigs booked in 2014
Date Venue Details
15th February 2014 Chalk and Cheese Pub, Maiden Newton The Reunion Gig - the one-off get together before they all move away! Not to be missed!

Gigs booked in 2013
Date Venue Details
1st March 2013 East Coker The Gig With the Waiting List
22nd March 2013 Savill Hall, Maiden Newton (with Cattistock) The Gig With The Loo On Stage
12th April 2013 St. John's Church Hall, Broadstone The Gig With Coke and a Complementary Strip
26th April 2013 Moreton Village Hall The Gig In The Marie Celeste Church Hall
24th May 2013 Loders Village Hall The Gig With the Poshest Nosh
26th May 2013 Charmouth Party In The Park The Gig With the Cardinal and the Nun
7th June 2013 St Michaelís School Hall, Colehill, Wimborne The Gig With The Tour T Shirts
28th June 2013 Hindon The Gig With The Crowd That Sung
5th July 2013 The Sealy Suite, Crown Hotel, Blandford Forum The Gig With The Knitting Lady
19th July 2013 Shaston Social Club, Shaftesbury The Gig That Was The End of An Earache

Gigs booked in 2012
Date Venue Details
27th January 2012 Cattistock The Gig with the Hot Chilli Peppers
2nd March 2012 The Ferry Bridge Inn in Wyke Regis The Pub Gig for a Hero
23rd March 2012 Crown Hotel, Blandford Forum The Gig That Started Again Just As It Finished
20th April 2012 Puddletown Village Hall The Gig Where Geoff Went Bolan
15th June 2012 Hindon The Gig where we failed to go back to fields of Hindon
29th June 2012 Charmouth The Gig Which Needed a Quid In The Meter
6th July 2012 Halstock Village Hall The Gig Where Betty and Barbara Thought They Were Coming To A Play
11th July 2012 Bryanston School The Gig When Dogs Played the Dome
20th July 2012 Collingbourne Ducis Recreation Ground The Gig With Lots of Grass to Look At
25th August 2012 Dogs Allowed on the Beach at Weymouth The Gig Where EVERYTHING Happened
14th September 2012 West Lulworth The Gig With Maureen
28th September 2012 Hamworthy Sports & Social Club The Gig With The Sound Meter
5th October 2012 Digby Hall, Hound Street, Sherborne The Gig With a BIG Crowd Who Sat Down Most of the Time

Gigs booked in 2011
Date Venue Details
28th January 2011 St Barnabas, Bearwood The Gig Where the Table Nearly Caught Fire
11th February 2011 Oakmead School Hall, Kinson The Gig With Thelma's Pastys
18th February 2011 Moreton Village Hall The Gig Where Everyone Wore Red
4th March 2011 St Aldhelms, Spa Road, Weymouth The Gig Which We Couldn't Find
11th March 2011 Comrades Hall, Broadwindsor The Gig With The Guitar Cupcakes
15th April 2011 St George's, Oakdale, Poole The Gig With The Amazing White Boots
11th June 2011 Wimborne Folk Festival The Gig When It Didn't Rain
22nd July 2011 Catistock The Gig at 2 Baker Street
16th September 2011 Milton On Stour The Gig With The Cow Bell
23rd September 2011 Folke The Gig With the SatNav
30th September 2011 Mosterton The Gig When "Ain't No Sunshine" Didn't Seem Right
21st October 2011 St Mary's, Ferndown The Gig With Alex's Exploding Birthday Cake
11th November 2011 St Andrews, Leigh The Gig Where Geoff Was Early
16th December 2011 Bournemouth The Dogs WITH Collars Gig

Gigs booked in 2010
Date Venue Details
22nd January 2010 Sealy Suite, Crown Hotel, Blandford Forum The Gig With The Tombola
13th February 2010 "Hope We Aren't" Gig at Evershot Valentines Ball The Gig With The Glitterball
16th April 2010 Bearwood, Lol's Birthday Bash The Dogs-Lite Fancy Dress Gig
23rd April 2010 St Andrews's, Kinson The Thelma's 90th Birthday Bash Gig
14th May 2010 The Blandford School The Gig With The Empty Hall
4th June 2010 The Tavern, Crossways, Not Crossroads The Gig on Henry's Birthday
12th June 2010 Wimborne Folk Festival, Outside Wimborne Minster The Gig That Didn't Happen
18th June 2010 Maiden Newton at War The Gig with the Tanks
25th June 2010 Hindon Hindon Church Appeal
23rd July 2010 Chetnole, Melbury Bubb The Gig at Hell Corner
24th September 2010 Lulworth The Gig with the Smoke Machine
1st October 2010 Maiden Newton (Again) The Gig with Jackie
13th November 2010 Purple Square Studios in Southampton The Day it All Got Done for Posterity

Gigs booked in 2009
Date Venue Details
17th January 2009 Sealy Suite, Blandford Forum The One With The Bubbles
6th February 2009 The Village Hall, Melbury Osmond The Snowed Off Gig
6th March 2009 Melbury Osmond (Part 2) The Gig That DID Happen
20th March 2009 Oakmead School Hall, Duck Lane, Kinson The Gig with the Postmodern Guitar Solo
24th April 2009 Bearwood Community Centre The Gig In The Gym
2nd July 2009 Swanwick The Gig with the Air Guitaring Bishop
25th July 2009 Cattistock The Gig with Chris and Mike
1st August 2009 Shaftesbury The Gig with Clive's Brother
2nd October 2009 Hamworthy The Gig with No Voices
23rd October 2009 Moreton The Gig with The Hornets

Gigs booked in 2008
Date Venue Details
15th March 2008 Corn Exchange, Blandford Mayor's Charity Night
25th April 2008 Maiden Newton Fish and Chip Nite
16th May 2008 Shaftesbury School Twisting For The Pool
14th June 2008 Outside Wimborne Minster Wimborne Folk Festival
5th July 2008 Tarrant Somewhere Village Hall Vic's Birthday Bash
11th October 2008 The Coppleridge Inn, Motcombe Breast Cancer Research Ball
18th October 2008 Poole Ann's Birthday Black and White Party
29th November 2008 St Mary's Ferndown A Party of Some Kind ...

Gigs booked in 2007
Date Venue Details
4th June 2007 The Tavern @ Crossways Fish'n'Chip Mission Supper
29th June 2007 Back to St Mary's Ferndown Church Party for Youth Worker

Gigs booked in 2006
Date Venue Details
2nd June 2006 URC Hall, Blandford Forum A "Friends and Family Gig"
4th July 2006 Salisbury Diocesan Conference, Swanwick, Derbyshire A Bar Gig
4th October 2006 St Mary's Ferndown Church Party
21st October 2006 Back in The URRC (Feeble attempt at Beatles joke), Blandford 40th Birthday Party