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Dogs Without Collars
A triumph of delusion over reality
As not seen on Richard and Judy and not heard on Radio 2, but featured on Radio Solent
The Dogs

Looks Good - But Wait Til You Hear Them .... Dogs Without Collars do it for fun. Being 5 busy Vicars in Dorset, their lives are spent rushing around the countryside doing things that Vicars do. The band came out of a scratch worship band which Laurie put together for a Clergy Conference at Milton Abbey in the Summer of 2005 ... and it grew from there. DWC do not do it for money (which is a good job, all things considered) but do it because they love the music and want people to know that Christians (especially Vicars) are actually allowed to enjoy themselves.

Booking The Band
... is easy ... use the contact details below. However, the band usually require at least 6 months notice in order that they can book the dates in their diaries!

How Much?
The band usually ask for sufficient payment to cover the cost of a PA and any travelling expenses. The band also suggest a donation to the work of the Sudan Link, which Salisbury Diocese runs as part of their links with the Anglican Diocese in the Sudan, or to a specific Charity. Additional gifts of wine or free beer for the band (or, as has happened, a fish'n'chip supper) are usually appreciated ... !

In recent months, the band has raised thousands of pounds and supported ...
  • Breast Cancer Research, at a Fund Raising Ball
  • The Sudan Medical Fund, by playing two parties in Poole and Ferndown (500 in total)
  • Blandford Parish Centre Appeal, by playing at the Sealy Suite in Blandford (700)
  • Melbury Osmond Village Hall, (500)
  • Maiden Newton Church Restoration Fund, (300)
  • Scanner Appeal for Cameroon by playing at West Hows (1000)
  • Bearwood Building Project by playing at Bearwood Community Centre (500)
  • Cattistock Tower Appeal by playing at the Savill Hall (1000)

  • What Do They Play?
    The band offer two different ideas for gigs: a "one set" performance, consisting of an hour and a quarter, beginning with "sit and listen" type stuff, before moving onto "get up and dance" material or a "two set" evening which begins with 40 minutes of the former and an hour and a quarter of the latter! The set is determined by whether the band are the "main event" of the gig or other things are happening on the same occasion. To help potential hosts, you can see a sample of a recent set list by clicking here.

    What Do They Need?
    The band try not ot be too "prima donna-ish" and ask for bizarre things like smarties with the blue ones removed - but there are a number of things which they need in order to put on a gig. To help make the evening run smoothly, they have put together a hopfully-helpful sheet of notes - download it by clicking here.

    Contacting Dogs Without Collars
    If you are interested in booking the band, contact us by emailing and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.