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Dogs Without Collars
A triumph of delusion over reality
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Meet The

DWC consists of ... Clive Thomas (Team Rector of Shaftesbury) on Drums, Graham Perryman (Team Rector of the Melbury Team) on Keyboards, Geoff Boland (Team Vicar in Canford Magna) on Guitar and Vocals, Laurie Clow (Team Vicar at Hampreston) on Bass Guitar and Tim Storey (Rector of Blandford Forum) on Guitar and Vocals. These five deluded individuals are the subject of much concern in their parishes.

Guitar and Vocal Desecration

It is alleged that Tim Storey plays lead guitar and sings with Dogs. Tim Storey was born in Bristol in 1960 and has spent most of his life in the West Country. Married to Claire, they have two children, Hannah and Jessica. A singularly unsuccesful academic career at Aston University led to a variety of jobs including six years as a Sales Rep for a printing company. Ordained in 1994, he worked for four years as a Curate in Bath before working as a Team Vicar in Southampton until the spring of 2003, when he became Rector of Blandford and Langton.

He regularly contributes to local radio in addition to parish work and has written a few books on worship for All Ages. His claims to fame including winning an edition of "The Weakest Link" in 2004 and newspaper articles involving diverse subjects such as showing World Cup football in the Church and Father Christmas. A rugby fan, he enjoys playing golf and occasionally other sports. He has not yet been mistaken for Eric Clapton or Mark Knopfler. And, by the way, he can't bear bananas !!.

Stuff You Don't Need to Know About Tim ....
  • Favourite breakfast cereal ... Frosties
  • Best guitar solo ever ... "Goodbye to Love" (The Carpenters/Tony Peluso)
  • Favourite place visited ... Australia and New Zealand - all of it!!
  • Best film of all time ... "Where Eagles Dare" or "Jungle Book"
  • Favourite Chocolate ... Fruit'n'Nut
  • A Good Night Out ... Film and Chinese
  • Best book of all time (apart from the Bible!) ... "The Shack" by William Young
  • Would like to meet ... Nelson Mandela (who wouldn't)
  • Hair by Katrina of Blandford

  • Drums/Attempting to keep everyone in time

    Clive Thomas was born in Southampton on that very lucky day (for him anyway) August 13th 1949. He always wanted to play the drums, and started with one his infant teacher grandmother brought back from school, which he played with his mum’s best knitting needles. To this he added the upturned zinc bath and a variety of biscuit tins and saucepan lids. OK, except he was 23 at the time! (No - only joking - he was 5 actually!) Somehow he managed to get from downtown Central School to King Edward’s Grammar School where he thought he was called to play guitar - and did! In his teens - the swinging 60s - he was lead guitar in a group called “Nucleus”. But guitarists are 10 a penny and every group needs a drummer, so he ended up playing drums in rock bands, orchestras, brass bands and anywhere he could.

    He still plays guitar in church and schools, but never stops drumming - on the table, on his knees, with the knives and forks - much to the annoyance of his wife and family. Drummers are born, not made. You might even see him marching with a drum in with the Town Silver Band every Shaftesbury Carnival.

    In real life, Clive was a teacher for 30 years - 15 as head teacher of a primary school in Hove (actually). He taught music as well - because nobody else would! He even wrote songs and musicals for his schools and church. He married his teenage sweetheart, Jean, and his children carry on the musical tradition - one plays the trumpet, one the trombone and one the cricket bat.

    Stuff You Don't Need to Know About Clive....
  • Favourite food ... Cornish Pasty - he has to test each pasty outlet in Cornwall and anywhere they open up!
  • Best musical moment ... conducting 300 children performing his musical in the Winchester Musical Festival
  • Good night out ... having a meal out and watching a musical at the theatre
  • Favourite relaxing activity apart from drumming ... walking up hills!
  • Unrealised ambition ... to take part in - and win - a Speedway race!
  • Best gift received ... rally driving lessons!

  • Guitar and Growling Vocals

    Geoff hails from the pie-eating kingdom of Wigan, where he was born at an early age. He started singing in early childhood, inspired by his first LP purchase (for the young amongst you, LPs were round bits of plastic with a groove on each side - a bit like CDs but bigger)... "GI Blues" by a certain E Presley esq (dec'd). Fans (ho ho) of DWC will note it's influence on the band - in the numbers of songs they cover from the album. Geoff claims to know all the words to all the songs on the album. The Soul Boy came south to evangelise the pagan south and was ordained in 1989, doing time in Ormskirk (which is actually north of Wigan, if such a thing is possible), Finchley and "here" (St Barnabus, Bearwood - somewhere near Bournemouth).

    Married to Teresa, with two kids to show for it, Geoff is influenced by Messrs Springsteen, Sting, Hall and Oates and is a Motown Man. He was once compared to Paul Young (the one who sang with Mike and The Mechanics, not the bloke who did "Wherever I Lay My Hat") but the rest of DWC are not sure if this comparison was vocally or in terms of attire - and whether it was actually a positive comparison anyway ....

    All You Don't Need to Know About Geoff....
  • He likes it down south ...
  • There is nothing like ... a Sunday roast.
  • He Likes ... beer, walking, Thorntons chocolate and football (though not all at the same time).
  • The best gig of all time (apart from DWC at Ferndown) ... Springsteen at Crystal Palace or Queen at the Liverpool Empire.
  • The best album (LP, kiddies) ... "A Night at the Opera" (by Queen, for the ignoramuses among us) and "Sheet Music" (10cc).
  • He Hates ... Cheese.
  • Geoff does a radio show on Hope FM in Bournemouth.

  • Bass Guitar and General Confusion

    Lauries is an ex-rugby playing, brass-playing economics teacher (same school as Brian Ashton and Steve Borthwick RU) now fooling around on the bass and trying not to get to lost. He is Vicar of All Saints Hampreston & Stapehill (just outside Wimborne) - but don't mention 32 ton lorries or building projects.

    Laurie is married to Wendy and they are "blessed" with 3 kids; James, Alex & Kirsten who are not sure whether to cheer or be embarressed by DWC. Don't talk to him about Jesus' Ministry or Freedom Prayer - he might just tell you all about it (for a long time).

    Stuff You Don't Need to Know About Laurie....
    Food or Drink seems to feature highly ...
  • Favourite food ... plain chocolate, marzipan or curry!
  • Favourite drink ... a pint of London Pride, a glass of Cab Sauv.
  • Number one joy... seeing people come to know Jesus - now for Him he'll will do absolutely anything!

  • Keyboard Artistry

    Born in 1956, Graham grew up in West London, attended Isleworth Grammar School, took a 'gap year' washing pots and pans and retaking French & German A levels, prior to a music degree at Southampton. Being into music of all shapes and sizes, Graham's 'first' instrument was the oboe, but few have ever seen evidence of this. Although he was a church organist for many years, he had never had an organ lesson in his life, and is much happier 'busking' on the piano as accompaniment for musical entertainers, or tuning and repairing pianos.

    Graham began his rock career in the 1980's Christian band 'Crown Agent', touring venues as diverse as prisons and Baptist Churches (is there a difference?). Later the band attempted to make the big time with a change of name to 'Fear of Falling', playing at pubs and clubs around West London. Fortunately Graham didn't give up his day job, teaching music in Slough! He still dines off a concert at Feltham Remand Centre, where Crown Agent supported Cliff, and a Fear of Falling recording session in London when a chap called Bono and a couple of colleagues came along to advise and produce.

    As well as playing in DWC, "Go Ahead Graham" (according to Quentin Letts of the Daily Mail)is the Team Rector of the Melbury Team of churches in Dorset. He has two much more grown-up and married sons, and a long-suffering wife who has become quite adept over the years at coiling up the odd power lead and playing 'roadie/groupie'.

    Stuff You Don't Need to Know About Graham....
  • Favourite food – anything with baked beans
  • Favourite all-time album – Moving Waves (Focus)
  • Second love - football, rooted in a family passion for Brentford Football Club (The Bees), so no stranger to humiliation
  • Lifetime desire - to get people singing praises to God even if they think they can’t sing (ask the various men’s choirs he has formed over the years)