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Dogs Without Collars
A triumph of delusion over reality
As not seen on Richard and Judy and not heard on Radio 2, but featured on Radio Solent
The Best Quotes About DWC
"I thought the incantation of the Prayer Book service was very good"
"I took an Asprin before I came, just to be on the safe side"
"I've never seen Walter so active - his legs have not been the same since."
"These guys are brilliant. Love 'em."
(Bishop of Canberra)
"Well, you were certainly better than the England team"
"Go-ahead Graham plays keyboards in a pop group"
(Quentin Letts)
"My corns aren't half playing up"
(Anonymous of Broadwindsor)
Ahhhh what a cool website and band!!! I love it! I love how you describe all of the gigs as "The Gig where...." Hilarious and brilliant! We will be waiting for "The gig where everyone banned brown sauce because it is sort of disgusting."
(Heather, The Manhattan Dolls)