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Photos from 2008

A Party of Some Kind ...

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Ann's Birthday Black and White Party

An eventful evening ... Laurie was dragged, kicking and screaming to a Conservative Club, two old ladies stopped the gig cos we had plugged into the same socket they used for their Bingo machine (honest!) and it was a case of the disappearing and reappearing keyboard player as Graham succumbed to a bug which meant that midway through the gig .... no, you don't want to know. Anyway, in between that and Geoff breaking a string and us coming to terms with having foldback ear pieces, it was quite an evening ... Get well soon, Graham.

Breast Cancer Research Ball

Our poshest gig yet - they all wore dickie bows and slinky dresses (and that was just the blokes). We were supposed to start at 10.00pm, but the auction carried on ... so we finished at 10 to midnight. But, hey ho, they danced and joined in enthusiastically - which had nothing whatsoever to do with the amount of alchohol consumed ... and that was just us.

Vic's Birthday Bash

DWC played and sang for our mate Vic and his crew.

Wimborne Folk Festival

Because nobody would pay to see us (but then we didn't ask them), we played outside the Minster for all the people on their way to real gigs. And loads of people came, some people from Slovakia danced (maybe they diodn't understand) and we got warm applause (or at least, we think that is what it was). Clive got to do TWO drum solos and Tim managed to break a string (Just for a change), change guitars and retune the second one half way through a song ... Very Spinal Tap. On the photos - if you have an idle moment play "Spot George Clooney's Emotional Repertoire on Laurie's Face" ...

Twisting For The Pool

DWC does PTA for SP. Loads of kids (young and old dressed up in 70's gear) as DWC played a Pool Benefit gig and included "Twisting By the Pool" as a not-so-ironic addition to the set. They danced (especially the little ones until it was time to go home to bed).

Fish and Chip Nite

Graham Perryman's Groovy Group played the village hall to a group of bemused villagers (until the alcohol kicked in). And once they danced, boy, did they dance! "Sylvia" made an entrance into the set and we almost got it right ...

Mayor's Charity Night

Five days before the concert, only 5 tickets had been sold, and then word got around (that prices had been slashed) and zillions of kids turned up (and then went before DWC came on). With Blandford's answer to Ant and Dec to introduce them - what could go wrong....

Photos by Rachael Piper (www.rachaelpiper.co.uk)